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What is your top concern about designing a signal connection?

Signal connections are used in every type of electronic or electrical design. Sensors, actuators, switches, valves and cameras all need signal connections for control and monitoring. As more and more devices are added to the plant floor, secure and reliable connections become extremely important. So, what is your top concern when you are designing the signal connection for a product?

Poll Results
  • COST - Cost is frequently the driving factor when deciding on a connector style for device installation. (7%)
  • ENIVRONMENT - The environment where the connection is often more important than other factors. (7%)
  • VIBRATION - Mechanical stress during installation or operation of a device can cause substantial vibration to the PCB and connector contacts. (0%)
  • HIGH DENSITY - Many I/O terminations need to be made where space is limited, creating the challenge of connector density. (0%)
  • SIGNAL INTEGRITY - Without a reliable connection, system maintenance could become extremely costly, and resistance due to fretting corrosion could cause signal loss or open circuits. (54%)
  • FAST CONNECTIONS - Making fast connections is necessary when when the job requires numerous connections. (4%)
  • MIS-WIRING - The most common errors that technicians make in the field are mis-wired I/O connections. (4%)
  • MIS-MATING - Mis-mating similar connections is another common concern – that is, where multiple identical connectors are used on the device. (0%)
  • MOUNTING - Improper mounting of connectors can also cause problems. (0%)
  • All of the Above (25%)
  • Other? (0%)


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