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This poll ended on Dec 15, 2016.

2016 Community Awards: Ben Heck Build of the Year

The Ben Heck Show launched on a newly formed element14 community a little over six years ago, and it's hard to imagine what the community would look like without a YouTube show to build excitement around a community dedicated to electronic and design engineers. 2016 was full of inspired designs and challenges taken on by Ben Heck and Crew. Vote for your favorite build from 2016!


The Nominees Are:


Episode 236: Ben Heck's Hand Soldered Portable Atari 2600 Episode


Episode 245: Ben Heck's Hackmanji Board Game Part 3 Episode


Episode 221: Ben Heck’s DIY Novena Laptop Part 3 Episode


Episode 225: Ben Heck’s Giant Game Boy Episode


Episode 247: Ben Heck's Nintendo-Playstation Prototype Teardown Part 2 Repair Episode



Tell us your choice for Ben Heck Build of the Year by voting below.

Poll Results
  • Portable Atari (21%)

  • HackManji (20%)

  • DIY Novena Laptop (30%)

  • Giant Game Boy (20%)

  • NIntendo-Playstation Prototype Teardown (10%)

  • Other  - please leave a comment (0%)


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