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This poll was archived on Mar 2, 2020.

Help The Ben Heck Team Decide on a Future Build Project!

What Prototype Would You Like to See as a Commercially Available Product?


If you're a regular viewer of The Ben Heck Show then you know a new episode is released every week. What you might not realize is that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure tight schedules and deadlines are met. If you're working on a project over a longer period of time you have more time to make adjustments. More time means a much more robust design and detailed build.


With this in mind, the Team decided to take a look back at previous builds, select a few of their favorites and build them again from the ground up with a particular focus on and intent to actually bring them to market! We’d like your help in selecting our third long-term build. See the list below, make your choice and let us know why. We’ll start on these projects soon and see which one we can take the furthest!


Vote for for Your Favorite Prototype!  In the Comments Below Let Us Know Why!

Poll Results
  • A Seeing Eye Hat - Using sensors and rumble motors, this device would help a visually impaired individual to move and "sense" the physical world around them. (16%)

  • Mini Pinball Kit -  Can't find a pinball machine that matches your tastes?  This kit would allow you to build your own personalized pinball machine! (38%)

  • Live Action Minecraft Blocks - Physical interlocking toys that interact with each other to build circuits as can be done in the Minecraft computer game. (12%)

  • Guitar Recorder - A device embedded into an acoustic guitar that enables simple and immediate recording of play to an SD card. (10%)

  • Automatic Domestic Can Crusher - A compact fixture for your kitchen or shop. Insert can and this device will automatically crush your can and deposit it in the recycle bin. (6%)

  • Wireless Wire Tracer - A 2-part device that wirelessly enables a person to find the ends of a wire or cable without cutting or disconnecting the wire. Great for labeling your breaker box! (17%)



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