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Monthly Poll to Decide August 2017 Project Competition

Last month, you decided on DIY Test Equipment for July!


Let us know what Project Competition you want for August!

Poll Results
  • The Fourth Dimension – anything that uses or alters timing such as egg times, photographic times, clocks, calendars, delay lines, stop action photography (18%)

  • Solar Powered Yard Gadget – an ornament, weather sensor, smart mailbox, intruder detector, smart doorbell, car parking assistant, swing set activity counter, pool toy, electronic fence, etc. (21%)

  • Sound Bytes – come up with a non voice or sound activated device or method to control the same things that the voice assistants do. (3%)

  • Crazy Time – using Alice in Wonderland as inspiration, create a new way of displaying and measuring time. (21%)

  • Electric Atmosphere – demonstrate physical phenomena for the classroom such as measurement of the vertical voltage field due to the ionosphere (6%)

  • Wacky Automation Device -  like the box with a toggle switch - when you turn it on the box opens and turns off the switch. (9%)

  • Cool LED display - anything goes as long as it incorporates LED (21%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (3%)


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