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Help Us Come Up with a New Show Name!

element14's The Ben Heck Show

Join the Ben Heck team every week for amazing hacks! Watch them build and mod community-inspired projects using electronics!

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Help Felix, Karen, and Max get the respect they deserve! As the show has evolved, so have the cast characters and special guests.  While Ben may have started the whole thing, he's no longer alone, the show is about so much more now! Shh..  Don't tell the crew, the show is really about you and what you want to see. Below are some names the team came up with and now it's your turn. Vote on your favorite or come up with your own. While there are no guarantees how the final name will be chosen, you'll be a part of the process, and that will help us decide on a name everyone can live with!


In the comments below tell us what you think the show should be called and why!

Poll Results
  • Circuit Breakers (8%)
  • The Solder Connection (3%)
  • Hack Lab (20%)
  • GND Control (11%)
  • Breaking GND (6%)
  • Something else.  In the comments below tell us your ideal show name! (53%)


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