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This poll ended on Sep 16, 2017.

Monthly Poll to Decide October Competition

Last month, you decided on Wacky Automation Device for September!


Let us know what Project Competition you want for October!

Poll Results
  • Home Schooling Projects - anything related to STEM such as an FPGA logic game, an AI chess game, a video game and make controls using an accelerometer or other motion based control. (32%)

  • Simple Electronic Repairs - Repair a device that is malfunctioning instead of throwing it away or buying a replacement. (32%)

  • Altoids Container Projects - you can use an Altoids box or any object made of tin. (23%)

  • In a Bottle Challenge - build something electronic in a bottle such as an LED Message in a Bottle like Kimio Kosaka (11%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (2%)


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