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What makes a great teacher?

Ready to go back school? Even the ones who left the school ages ago, September means a sort of an early "New Year", when a lot of us want to take up new courses to improve our professional skills; or learn something new that doesn't have anything to do with our profession... or just go back to the gym!


Also Teachers' Days celebrations are approaching so we were wondering: what skills make a great teacher? What abilities do you think a good teacher should have? Vote for the one you consider more important to comment below if we may have missed it!


Let us know your thoughts!

Poll Results
  • Be good-natured (7%)
  • Be professional without being aloof (14%)
  • Have a good sense of humor (2%)
  • Be demanding without being unkind (11%)
  • Be creative (34%)
  • The most important skill is... (32%)


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