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This poll ended on Oct 15, 2017.

Monthly Poll to Decide November 2017 Competition

Last month, you decided on Simple Electronics Repairs for October!


Let us know what Project Competition you want for November!


Congratulations to fvan for Simple Electronic Repairs (last month's winner), jomoenginer and  ninjatrent for Tin Man Heart (Altoids Container Project) ,   jack.chaney56 and rpbruiser  for Home School Projects, shabaz , Workshopshed , and jack.chaney56 for Stop Action Photography Video (The Fourth Dimension) , dougw for Cool LED Display, Solar Powered Yard Gadget (winner) DIY Test Equipment (winner), and Wacky Automation Device (winner) , sjmill01 for Automobile Hacks , and Workshopshed for In a Bottle Challenge !



Your Ideas make this possible so if you haven't already, you will be receiving some free element14 swag as a token of our appreciation!

Poll Results
  • Stop Action Photography Video - combine timers and photography to create stop action photography video projects. (26%)

  • Home Schooling Projects - anything related to STEM such as an FPGA logic game, an AI chess game, a video game and make controls using an accelerometer or other motion based control. (20%)

  • Cool LED display - anything goes as long as it incorporates LED (30%)

  • Automobile Hacks  – Use an IR sensor for backup assistance, Install a backup camera that allows for rotation left and right, Make a garage precision parking system, Using a camera/machine vision to detect lane lines and alert on inadvertent lane change (20%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (4%)


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