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This poll ended on Nov 14, 2017.

Monthly Poll to Decide December Competition

Last month, you decided on Cool LED Display for November!


Let us know what Project Competition you want for December!


New ideas for this month come from balearicdynamics for animatronic , dougw for Cool Kitchen Gadget , and  shabaz for Build a Portable Electronic project Kit!


Submit your images and ideas for a chance to win free element14 swag!

Poll Results
  • Animatronic - not exactly a toy refurbishing or upcycling but a top-down animatronic. (16%)

  • Cool Kitchen Gadget - It could be an appliance hack or a new gadget. It could be a food or drink dispenser, including pet meals. All sorts of kitchen processes could be automated or electronically measured and monitored. (9%)

  • Stop Action Photography Video - combine timers and photography to create stop action photography video projects. (28%)

  • Build a Portable Electronics Project Kit - Anything goes.  It can be a kit like Ben's Lunchbox Dev Kit or anything that is portable and used for electronics (42%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to tell us your idea!  If your idea is used in the poll you win free swag! (5%)


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