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Road Test Fears

When a road test competition is announced for an item that you might find useful what goes through your mind?

Poll Results
  • I decide if I have a reasonable chance of winning which dictates whether I submit an application (5%)
  • I calculate whether the effort of applying and performing the road test is worth the value of the item (2%)
  • I usually figure I'm not experienced enough to win (15%)
  • I opt out because I don't like the competitive nature of the competition (1%)
  • I submit an application even if the probability of winning is low because I feel I will eventually win one (5%)
  • I submit because I might win and the process of writing a proposal is good practice to help me win in the future (6%)
  • I submit because I really need or want the item and cannot afford to buy it (4%)
  • I don't submit because I can buy what I need and feel others need the item more than I do (4%)
  • I always try to think of how I would road test but only apply if I think of an interesting test to blog about (29%)
  • I am worried that my blog will not be good enough, so I don't apply (5%)
  • I apply whenever it is a desirable item - it is interesting even if I lose (10%)
  • Other - please explain in the comments below (13%)


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