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Project14 | The Holiday Special Poll

Last month, you decided on Portable Electronics Kit for the Next Project Competition for December!


However, Its been Delayed until January 14th due to a Special Holiday Event!


You can begin working on your portable electronics kit at anytime before the competition launches.


It will still be the next project competition decided by the community.


Also, rest assured, this program is still all about you and there are no planned changes to the program.


On December 1st we will be launching:



You'll be able to win bigger prizes, in addition to the usual $100 Shopping Carts to load up on electronics.


Around the 14th of December a New Star Wars movie will be released.



It will forever shake the foundation of the Star Wars Universe.

In honor of Star Wars,  on December 1st, we will be launching The Project14 Holiday Special!


In 1978, Star Wars launched a musical science fiction television film set in the Star Wars galaxy.


It was on this special that the world was first introduced to Bobba Fett.


It was universally panned and never rebroadcast or released on film.


More Details coming Soon....


In the Comments Below Give Us Your Monthly Theme Ideas involving the Project14 Holiday Special!



Let us know what you think about the Project14 Special by voting in the poll!

Poll Results
  • I am excited about the Project14 Holiday Special! (81%)
  • I am not a fan of Special Events so you should have stuck with the regular Theme! (6%)
  • I love the special idea event idea and the bigger prizes but you should have gone with a different theme (8%)
  • You should have gone with the usual theme and added bigger prizes on top of it. (0%)
  • I have a different point of view. Sound off in the comments below! (6%)


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