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Poll to Decide February '18 Monthly Competition

Portable Electronics Kit Will be the next Project Competition following the The Holiday Special Intermission!


You can begin working on your portable electronics kit at anytime before the competition launches.


Let us know what Project Competition you want for February 18'!


Congratulations to beagles and saravananeceait for Mixing Electronics & Water; and 14rhb for Two Heads are Better Than One


Your Ideas make this possible so if you haven't already, you will be receiving some free element14 swag as a token of our appreciation!


The Holiday Special is now Live!



Visit contest details to learn more.


Think about what makes the holidays special to you and do a project around it. 

It will forever shake the foundation of the Star Wars Universe.


Use the Force to build something that could only come from you and what makes the holidays unique to you!


If you want to relive the glory days of 1978, or what you imagined life was like living in the late 70s go for it.  You could make your own obscure late 70s movie prop, something that looks like it could be in the original trilogy or a knock off, complete with lasers, sound effects, and that kitchy 70s vibe that helped make Star Wars so cool!


For the sake of inclusiveness, you could also make any fun project in the holiday spirit, there are no restrictions.


It could be a snow globe that warns of inclement weather conditions, voice-activated ornaments, jazzed up holiday cards, LED decorations - anything that means the holidays to you.


If you don't have a tradition you celebrate, don't want to celebrate the one you grew up in, do a project that is authentic to how the holidays really make you feel.



It can even be a Star Wars project, if you only believe in the Force.





All prizes will include a gift of equal value to gift to other community members for the following competitions:



Grand Prize: 3D Printer to Have Plus STEAM Kit to Gift to Give!
Your Prize:  RBX01-BK-REFURBRBX01-BK-REFURB 3D Printer
Your Gift to Give: SAM's STEAM Kit
Value: approx. $600Value: approx. $600
  • Dual-nozzle system allows you to print in 2 materials at once.
  • Allows a mechanical design engineer to prototype injection mould design without the need to modify the design
  • Built by curriculum experts, includes curriculum-based STEAM Projects and lesson plans on data capture, programming logic, and more!
  • 40 + SAM software blocks, Easy integration with Lego, hands-on educator support, and easily adapts into homework



First Place Winner: Shopping Carts to any of our Stores!

Your Prize: $100 Shopping Cart (3) to any of our Stores!


An additional $100 Shopping Cart (1) is available for a project that is deserving but doesn't win!

Your Gift to Give: $100 Shopping Cart to any of our stores!



In the Comments Below, Let us Know of your ideas for future special events or regular project competitions!



Poll Results
  • Two Heads are Better Than One -  make two or more identical electronic modules and make them behave in an interesting way. It can be something interesting, not necessarily useful (23%)

  • Mixing Electronics & Water - Could be projects that use electronics to conserve water or it could be projects to prevent water contamination (42%)

  • Stop Action Photography Video - combine timers and photography to create stop action photography video projects. (15%)

  • STEM Schooling Projects - anything related to STEM such as an FPGA logic game, an AI chess game, a video game and make controls using an accelerometer or other motion based control. (19%)

  • Your Ideas - Let us know what project competitions you want to see on Project14 next year! (0%)


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