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Title Preferences

fmilburn created a fantastic interactive decoration which has the title of "Gravity Assisted Blinking Coin Cell Christmas Tree".

Being an engineer I like this very descriptive title, but I recognize the importance of a catchy title, so this poll is to find out what other members think.

Which title do you prefer?

Poll Results
  • Gravity Assisted Blinking Coin Cell Christmas Tree (44%)
  • RADBOL (Rolling And Dropping Battery Operated Lights) if you like acronyms (26%)
  • i-Tree (interactive tree) if you are a fan of apple marketing methods (0%)
  • Mario's LED Adventure (if you have ever played Donkey Kong, this creation has to evoke memories) (19%)
  • The Pyramid Temple of Doom (if you have watched Indiana Jones, you will get the reference) (4%)
  • Other - please list your ideas in the comments.. (7%)


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