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Re-Entering Old Projects In Project14 Contests

The question is pretty simple - Should old projects be eligible for Project14 contests if they have already been entered in previous contests?

Personally I see no reason why not but others may and probably do have different opinions.

If projects are re-entered they may suffer a natural penalty in judgments.

I expect some of the Project14 topics to recur, especially the popular ones, and members may want to tweak their old designs and re-enter.

And some projects may have been entered as a poor fit to a topic, but a more appropriate Project14 topic comes up later.

I realize there is more than one question to answer in the poll, but only one check box, so feel free to add comments.

This poll is really an experiment to see if I can embed this poll in an appropriate place, but the content may be interesting as well.

Poll Results
  • Yes old projects should be eligible for new contests if they have not won yet (21%)
  • Yes any project should be eligible even previous winners as long as they are improved or updated and there is full disclosure (24%)
  • No, I think unpublished projects should be used to inspire more creativity (19%)
  • Previous winners should be excluded (5%)
  • Previous topics should be occasionally reused, or at least re-entered in the topic poll. (2%)
  • Project entries should always explain their origins and history, then judges can use the info in decisions (23%)
  • Other - please leave a comment below (6%)


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