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This poll was archived on Oct 7, 2019.

Most reliable way to add videos

I always seem to have trouble of one kind or another uploading videos to blogs on the site.


At the moment I write my blog and leave space for the videos and then upload them directly into the blog. My upload speed is very poor so videos that fail cause a fair amount of frustration, but there seems to be a lot more on here that load larger videos than I do.


I have had videos fail during upload, videos upload but then not encode and videos that upload but only encode a section of the video.


This latest episode has got me wondering what ways others have found to be the most reliable way to upload videos?

Poll Results
  • Upload directly into blog (30%)
  • Upload as video and link within blog (4%)
  • Upload to Youtube and link to blog (65%)
  • Other - please detail in comments below (0%)


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