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Super Glue Gun: The Final Countdown

We're in the final days of the Super Glue Gun build. There have been trials and tribulations throughout this build, but the end is upon us! We've been listening to your feedback and trying to incorporate some of your ideas into the design.When designing a product for retail, it is important to do market research to ensure you have an audience that will buy your product. It is also important that you don't just include features that you feel are useful, but that you listen to your audience and include features that would make your product the best it can be, and one that will sell.


In listening to our audience, one thing we've noticed is a major split in what people think the super glue gun should be. Should the super glue gun be for people that want a heavy duty glue gun that can extrude large amounts of glue faster? OR should the super glue gun be a tool for intricacy, allowing you to get into small areas and extrude glue in fine detail? Should it be more like a caulk gun or 3Doodler for hot glue? Down the road, both products could be made. With more development time, it could even be possible to make one gun that serves both purposes. Given the small size of our design team and time limitations for development, we are only able to develop one of those.

So tell us! How would you use the super glue gun?

Poll Results
  • Heavy-duty use with mass extrusion. Big nozzle, lots of glue. (24%)
  • Fine control for detail work. Small, narrow nozzle, with fine extrusion control. (76%)


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