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Project14 | The Birthday Special: Open Arduino Poll!

Open Arduino

Enter Your Project for a chance to win a grand prize for the most innovative use of Arduino or a $200 shopping cart! The Birthday Special: Arduino Projects for Arduino Day!

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Arduino Day, the Worldwide Celebration of Arduino's Birthday, is on May 12th, 2018!
Project14 is celebrating its First Birthday with Arduino Projects for Arduino Day! Project14 launched on April 14th, 2017!
Winners Announcement will coincide with the release date of the first Star Wars movie on May 25th, 1977!
...and the release of the new Han Solo movie on May 25th, 2018!

Competition Begins:  April 2nd, 2018


Competition Ends: May 14th, 2018


Almost, a year to the date that Worldwide Arduino Day was last celebrated, Project14 will be having a Special Event to celebrate it's First Birthday!


At this time last year, all of our focus was on launching the new program and unfortunately Arduino Day came and went without any planned events on the community.


We promised ourselves things would be different next year.


When we decided to do a special event to celebrate the birthday of Project14, we decided the best way to celebrate this humble program was by celebrating someone else's birthday,  the birth of Arduino.


This will be a special event that will be on top of the April Monthly competition you voted for in  Project14 | Poll to Decide the April 18' Competition , Simple Music Maker.



Why are You Celebrating the Birthday of Project14 with Arduino Projects for Arduino Day?


The idea of having a special event around the birthday of Project14 was something we began thinking about seriously when we did the Holiday Special Event in December of last year.


How would a monthly electronics & design project competition celebrate its birthday?


Project14 has chosen to celebrate its birthday with a celebration of Arduino projects in order to show its gratitude and appreciation for the open source hardware and software platform that inspired:

  • More collaboration and diversity of thought
  • A culture of learning from one another
  • Making knowledge available to anyone willing to learn.


You're a big reason why a program like this exists.





What’s the Theme for the Special Event?

It’s Open Arduino. It’s a reference to Open Source, the Open Nature of the competition, Opening Presents that contain  Arduinos, and the Open Aproach of Project14 (community members decide competitions).


Members can use any Arduino compatible board or shield in their project and do it around whatever theme they want.


The Theme Doc will contain a list of suggested Arduino related Themes and ask members to post Arduino related themes.


Ideas that community members come up with and post in the comments of the theme doc can be used as ideas for future related Arduino Competitions.


When Will Winners Be Announced?


On May 25th, the date of the original Star Wars movie in 1977, the new Han Solo movie this year, and its also Geek Pride Day (The Inspiration for the Project14 Geeky Gadgets Theme).


Projected Timetable & Timeline


Monthly Electronics & Design Competitions
Project Competition:Simple Music Maker Robots with Wheels Open Arduino Smart Alarm Clock
Opening Date:2018 - April 17th2018 - March 14th2018 - April 2nd2018 - May 14th
Volunteer Judging:2018 - June 1st2018 - May 1st2018 - May 1st2018 - July 1st
Competition Closes:2018 - June 14th2018 - May 14th2018 - May 14th2018 - July 16th
Winners Announced:2018 - June 21st2018 - May 25th2018 - May 25th2018 - July 25st


Please Join Us as we Celebrate Project14, Celebrate Arduino, and Most Importantly Celebrate You:


Vote on Projects Themes Around Arduino!


In the Comments Below Give Us Your Arduino Theme Ideas!

Poll Results
  • A Combination of Themes - Innovative ideas can involve a combination of ideas and new ideas! (2%)

  • Arduinos in the internet of toys - Use Arduino to build a toy or upcycle an old toy into an IoT enabled Device (10%)

  • Easy access - Have the Arduino help with accessing things.. eg: Unlock doors, open the fridge (7%)

  • Arduinos in test instrumentation - Use an Arduino to explore electronics and make something useful to build DIY Test Equipment ! (24%)

  • Build Your Own Arduino Shield - a project that involves designing and building your own custom Arduino Shield (10%)

  • Power Arduino - An Arduino project that uses a motor such as a Servo Motor, Stepper Motor, DC Motor, or Brushless Motor (14%)

  • Arduino as an Accessory - Demonstrate how Arduino can be used as a helpful module to enhance systems. (14%)

  • Arduinos as the brains of a machine - Any project that uses Arduino as the brains of a machine such as a DIY Brain-Computer Interface (17%)

  • Give us your suggestions for Arduino Themes so we can add it in the Theme Doc! (2%)


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