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What Phase of IoT Are We In?

I recently attended an IoT conference where Sameer Sharma, General Manager, IOT Solutions at Intel, described The Three Phases of the Internet of Things, in the following way:


  • Connected: The first phase is about connecting the unconnected. 85 percent of assets being utilized today are not connected, and therefore can’t be digitally monitored, maintained, or upgraded.


  • Smart: The second phase is about making devices and networks smarter – more intelligent.  This enables raw data to be transformed into events or actions that are meaningful, whether that’s predicting when a tool is about to fail, or optimizing the supply chain.


  • Autonomous: The third phase, perhaps the most interesting, is when work flows and processes become more software defined and autonomous.  This will allow the world to move at the speed of software.  An example is the way Tesla can change features in cars in the field with software updates.


As I heard him speak, I thought it was a useful way to understand the progression of IoT. But there seems to be some cross over between them.


So, what phase do you think we are primarily in right now?


Please vote or add a comment below.

Poll Results
  • Phase I: Get Connected (62%)
  • Phase II: Get Smarter (25%)
  • Phase III: Go Autonomous (6%)
  • Other. Please Explain in the Comments Section (6%)


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