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"I'll Mend That For You"

[a comment  fromshabaz in my recent blog post made me think of an interesting and fun poll]


We are probably all guilty of offering up our expertise to a friend, relative or colleague to repair broken electricals and gadgets; only for it to sit on the bench collecting dust. Sometimes we forget, sometimes we have an initial look but get stuck, sometimes other tasks take priority and we never get back to that item. Often I'll wager, the owner doesn't like to ask how the repair is going, after all we are doing them a favour and often for free. Thus the hands of time tick onwards.....


So, how long have you had someone else's gadget for whilst they waited for you to repair it ?



Poll Results
  • I never offer to repair other people's stuff (humbug) (23%)
  • I'm so good, they get them back within the month, complete with a full electrical compliance certificate and calibrated to the national standards. (9%)
  • Often about 6 months, then they ask again and then I repair it. (17%)
  • A year ? (9%)
  • Typically 1 - 3 years (0%)
  • 3 - 6 years ? (3%)
  • 6 - 10 years (hey don't repair but I still want it back as they are now worth money on Ebay) (3%)
  • 10+ years (= please reflect on what you've done ) (3%)
  • Almost straight away but I get them repaired professionally so my friends think I'm cool at electronics ! (6%)
  • I overvoltage the components - they won't ask for my help again (0%)
  • Something else - please use the comments below (29%)


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