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This poll ended on Sep 26, 2018.

Disposing of Your e-Waste

Following from the article on saving energy or resources I thought about the e-waste generated at home by electronic hobbys and small business and wondered how we get rid of it, please see…


I don't want to single anyone out (and this should be anonymous I guess, but things occasionally go wrong) so if you occasionally resort to bad practice so I've added a range of buttons accordingly.


The question is:


What do you do with all the e-waste from your bench or workshop? Solder balls from tinning, old solder paste, tinned wires/snips, faulty components, hacked PCBs, boards that failed etc.


If you have issues it would be interesting to know what they are - for example you may not have anywhere in your country to recycle such waste or it is a very long way away.



Poll Results
  • Collect up and take to a recycling centre (47%)
  • Never found a way to dispose of correctly so have kept it all (15%)
  • Problems disposing of in my country (please leave a comment if it helps) (6%)
  • Rather not say (0%)
  • Gets swept up / hoover (I hadn't really thought about it as e-waste) (18%)
  • Placed in domestic waste collection (12%)
  • Buried in ground/pit, washed down the drain etc. (0%)
  • Something else (0%)
  • Bench is never tidied, so not an issue ! (3%)


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