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What Do You Want to Know about 5G?



"With a dramatic increase in data rates and the number of connected devices, we will soon be able to enjoy expanded communication between devices and no longer be limited to user-to-user and user-to-device communication. By 2025 an enormous 25 billion devices are expected to be connected under 5G."


Quote #2:


"5G will achieve faster transmission rates, more powerful data exchange networks, and more seamless real-time communication, which will enable tremendous growth for advanced and innovative connectivity solutions."



The promise of 5G is exciting.  There's clearly a lot of 5G possibilities.


My guess is they are still working the kinks out of 5G to make it a reality (IMO) all over the world, and network buildouts are probably being planned. Clearly, this technology will offer unlimited ways of innovating.


So, if I were to arrange for a webinar  (or an online panel discussion) what would you like to know?


Please add your comments. If you want to tell me if you would like a webinar or an online panel discussion, I'd appreciate it.



Poll Results
  • teach me the technology (48%)
  • the state of 5G (13%)
  • What cool things you can do with it (26%)
  • predictions (13%)
  • Other. Please Explain in Comments (0%)


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