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This poll ended on Jan 31, 2019.

Project14 | 2018 End of Year Poll:  What Theme Would You Like to See Again?

As we continue adding new themes you're bound to see some the look familiar to you.  For example, The Solar Power Devices theme is similar to the Solar Powered Yard Gadget and the  Test Instrumentation theme is similar to the DIY Test Equipment .  What theme are you interested in seeing resurface?

Poll Results
  • Robots with Wheels - Building your own robot is a great way to learn about electronics and computer programming.  The easiest way to build your own robot from wheels is to start with a kit.  For those more advanced, you can use your engineering experience to allow robots with wheels unlimited complexity. (23%)

  • Solar Power Devices - resourceful ways to harvest the energy of the sun to create solar power devices! (5%)

  • Portable Electronics Kit - Anything goes as long as its portable and is an electronics kit. You could even create a portable electronics kit to carry your diy oscilloscope, soldering station, multimeter, or other testing equipment (3%)

  • Cool LED Display - you can use LEDs individually to create a display or come up with a creative way to utilize an existing LED display. (3%)

  • Open Arduino -  an open ended arduino competition or something similar to Arduino Projects for Arduino Day! (13%)

  • Test Instrumentation - build your own test instrumentation using whatever components you like.  If you're just getting started with electronics, Test instrumentation will help further your understanding of how electronics work, giving you a chance to get your hands dirty with microcontrollers, development boards, tinkering, and soldering. (21%)

  • Wacky Automation Devices - rube goldberg projects that are overly engineered to perform a specific task. (18%)

  • Mixing Electronics & Water - do electronics projects that either conserve or preserve water. (5%)

  • Simple Music Maker -  You can create any electronics device for musical instrumentation using electronic components or you can create a device for the consumption of music using electronics components. (10%)

  • Have Some Other Theme in Mind?  Let us know in the comments below! (0%)


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