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This poll ended on Jan 31, 2019.

Vote or Write-In Nominations for the 2018 RoadTesters of the Year Awards


What was remarkable about the 2018 element14 RoadTests & Reviews program was not just the total number of roadtests run (50) or the number of applicants (2,450), or even the number of comments (834), it was the types of products roadtested, spanning STEM kits for the budding technologist (and parents), the "cool" hand tools, the electronic test equipment, the newest generation of MCUs, the programmable logic devices (FPGA/SoC), and perhaps one of the most challenging roadtests ever-- antennas for IoT.


element14 RoadTesters provided important insights to engineers who use these products and suppliers alike. Given this fantastic year, I wanted to recognize some of our roadtesters and give them a big thank you. To recognize the Best RoadTesters of 2018, I would like your input. I am nominating the roadtesters whom I feel are the best of the best. I was looking for comprehensive, interesting and creative reviews. I invite you to read through my nominations. Please vote on who you think wrote the most comprehensive or interesting review. If you have someone you would like to write-in as a nomination, go ahead. Place your choice in the comments section.


Here are my nominations:


Choice 1: PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT) - Review

Choice 2: Sensirion Environmental Sensor Shield - Review

Choice 3: Pi-Top - A Raspberry Pi Laptop - Review

Choice 4: Rohde & Schwarz Oscilloscope Kit RTM3K-COM4 - Review


Please vote on the best roadtester from the above list or write-in your own nomination.


After the winners are chosen, we will make an announcement, award the badges, and offer a secret prize to the winners.




Randall Scasny

RoadTest Program Manager

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