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This poll ended on Jan 31, 2019.

Vote for Our 2018 Member of the Year!



We on the element14 team work hard to produce great content, run interesting competitions, and promote all of the above to expose the community to the world. Ultimately, though, that work is much less important than what our members do, since they ARE the community! And each year we try to recognize the best of the best of our members, which is a tough task because there are so many great people to choose from.


And now, the nominees! Here are just some of their contributions to the community in 2018, because frankly they did so much we don't have room to document it all.


Rod - 14rhb : posted multiple RoadTest reviews, projects in Project14 and elsewhere, a series of blogs on the Arduino starter kit, and much more. Some highlights include:


LED Fireworks - Festive Lights 2018

Molex 2.4GHz / 5GHz Antenna Kit - Review

HOPPY - An intelligent Raspberry Pi Irrigation System


Shabaz Yousaf - shabaz : posted projects and blogs all over the place (where doesn't he blog??), won the Bluetooth Unleashed Design Challenge, posted multiple RoadTest reviews, and more. Some highlights include:


Making Fancy Cables: Network Cables!

Smart Doorbell System - Part 10 - Complete Project Video

FPC1500 Spectrum Analyzer - Review


Jon Clift - jc2048 : posted blogs on topics like transistors, op amps, R-2R resistor networks using Arduino, and more. Also contributed projects to Project14 and was consistently present helping other members with their own work. Some highlights include:


The micro:bit Quartet

A Transistor Load

A Simple Arduino Music Box


Jan Cumps - jancumps : frequent blogger on a variety of topics, contributed to Project14 and RoadTest, perpetually giving helpful tips to others on their own work, and much more. Some 2018 highlights include:


Rohm SensorShield-EVK-003 (Arduino Compatible) - Review

micro:bit as Pass / Fail indicator in an automated test setup

SCPI on a Linux Board - Part 4b: TCP/IP SCPI and Instrument Service 100% Working


Dixon Selvan - dixonselvan : participant in Design for a Cause, frequent contributor to Project14 and RoadTest, frequent comments contributor with both helpful tips and encouragement, and more. Some highlights include:


IoT Magical Wand

Cue System for Anosmia and Smart WheelChair #11 - Machine Learning and Demo [Completed]

Cypress PSoC® 6 BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE) - Review

Poll Results
  • Rod (13%)

  • Shabaz Yousaf (27%)

  • Jon Clift (6%)

  • Jan Cumps (13%)

  • Dixon Selvan (41%)



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