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This poll ended on Feb 14, 2019.

Project14 | Poll to Decide the March 19' Competition

Poll Results
  • IoT: In the Cloud - projects that make use of a wireless technology and a cloud provider (AWS, Google Cloud, io.adafruit etc).  Projects could include cloud connected home security system, Environmental monitoring (Temp, humidity, air quality etc), Industrial data logger with online data logging, baggage tracker utilising GPS and Sigfox network, Smart garage door opener, Energy monitoring, and more. (30%)

  • Energy Harvest -  projects that use solar, vibrations, heat, etc. and associated storage such as rechargeable batteries, super capacitors, etc.  Could also include low power microcontrollers, sensors, and techniques (26%)

  • NFC/RFID - projects that use NFC or RFID for applications such as access control, asset tracking and contactless payments (22%)

  • DIY Improvements -  DIY improvement done in device available at market e.g. automatic switch off circuit for soldering iron etc. (22%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (0%)


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