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In Your Opinion ... Is 5G Ready For You?

5G is the latest generation (the 5th) of cellular mobile communications. It's been reported that AT&T, Verizon, and other carriers will beginning rolling out  5G networks in 2019. 5G is touted to have Higher bandwidth, lower power, and a latency of less than 10 millisconds. While smartphones are bound to reap huge benefits in stuff you can do, hear and watch, 5G will require investment in building the infrastructure.


So, is 5G ready for you? Are you working on projects or products where 5G will make a huge difference? Or, are you in a waiting mode? We would like to know.


The question is: how great an impact will 5G have on your immediate work in the next year or so?

Poll Results
  • Huge Impact (9%)
  • Somewhat Impact (23%)
  • No Impact (68%)
  • Other. Please Explain in the Comments Section (0%)


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