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This poll ended on Jun 13, 2019.

Project14 | Poll to Decide the July 19' Competition

Last month, you decided on Remote Monitoring & Control Devices for June!


Let us know what Project Competition you want for July!

Poll Results
  • Electronic Toys - Build an electronic toy such as an executive toy, puzzle toy, educational toy, or cuddly toy.  Or create a techno toy from an existing toy by adding electronic innards. (41%)

  • Auto Hacks - Use an IR sensor for backup assistance. Install a backup camera that allows for rotation left and right Make a garage precision parking system Using a camera/machine vision to detect lane lines and alert on inadvertent lane change (hint, tie into the blinker circuit) (18%)

  • Accessibility for All - could be anything that makes life more accessible for others such as an ultrasonic walking cane for the blind or sound to visual indicators for the hearing impaired. (16%)

  • Strange Motion -  Photography or video projects that use egg timers, photographic timers, clocks, calendars, delay lines. Could be anything that uses or alters timing (22%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (2%)


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