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2019 Webinar Poll: Who Attends Element14 Webinars? Please Vote (28% of Goal)

I do a lot of little stuff around the element14 community. I'm probably most known for running the RoadTest program, but I work with vendors and our other staff writers and some freelancers to help them produce content that our members would like to read. I also manage our Webinar problem (although lately I have gotten a lot of help from other members of the element14 team.) Much of my responsibility is to work with our webinar presenters to offer webinars that the community cares about. It's a bit of a challenge sometimes especially when someone wants to offer a webinar and I have to determine the level of interest. That's why I am running this poll. I'd like to learn more about the engineers who attend element14 webinars. I know the community is an evolving entity so it would help me to understand you better.


The poll has only one question: What type of engineer attends element14 webinars. I encourage you to participate in this poll. It will help me a lot. If I can get 150 to participate, I think that would be a lot of help. Thanks.


Randall Scasny

element14 Webinar Host


PS I have included below a selection for Non-engineer Maker. I think many of our makers are engineers even though some of them may not hold a engineering roll professionally. I think they represent of the spirit of a Michael Faraday who learned a lot by experimenting and playing around in his garage!

Poll Results
  • Electronic Engineer (PCB Designer, Computer, etc.) (9%)
  • Electrical Engineer (Power) (2%)
  • Mechanical Engineer (5%)
  • Software Engineer (16%)
  • Field Application Engineer (FAE) (0%)
  • Automation Engineers (Process, Manufacturing, Robotics, etc) (7%)
  • IOT Engineer (excluding Process, Manufacturing, Robotics, etc) (2%)
  • Engineer in Education (2%)
  • Student Engineer (5%)
  • Research Engineer (Grad/PhD.) (7%)
  • Senior Engineer (people who have held two or more types of engineering roles) (18%)
  • RF Engineer (Wireless, Cellular, Telecom) (5%)
  • System Engineer (7%)
  • Automotive Engineers (transportation, logistics emphasis) (0%)
  • Maker Engineer (primary identification as opposed to other categories) (2%)
  • Non-engineer Maker (11%)
  • Other; please explain in comments (2%)


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