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This poll ended on Sep 16, 2019.

Project14 | Poll to Decide the October 19' Competition

Last month, you decided on Vision Thing and Graphics for September!


Last month, was a two-way tie between Vision Thing and Graphics for the September Theme:


Project14 | Poll to Decide the September 19' Competition


We've broadened the original theme to include both options:

  • Your projects can include anything involving Computer Vision and Machine Learning , Camera Vision and AI based projects, Deep Learning, using hardware such as the Nvidia Jetson Nano, Pi with Intel Compute Stick, Edge TPU, etc. Or, projects involving graphics such adding a graphical display to a microcontroller, image processing on a microcontroller, image recognition interface a camera to a microcontroller,  or FPGA - camera interfacing/image processing/graphical display


Let us know what Project Competition you want for October!

Poll Results
  • Animatronics - not exactly a toy refurbishing or upcycling but a top-down animatronic. (30%)

  • CPU Math - CPU solutions to mathematics problems such as lissajous figures and controlling servos for laser shows.  Mathematics of musical notes and polyphonics.  Simple PID algorythms for motor control.  POV devices. (19%)

  • Low on Energy -  One of the next steps for a prototype for being near a final product is to ensure it is low power. Demonstrate how you would achieve this through hardware and software design decisions (like pull resistors, duty cycles, deep sleep modes) datasheets and comparing the initial and the final power consumption. (23%)

  • Mesh Network -  Implement a Mesh network using a device such as the Particle WiFi Mesh Kit, Cypress CYBT-213043-MESH EZ-BT kit ,  or Raspberry Pi or even repurposed and old WiFi Router. related product. This could be for an irrigation system, environmental monitoring, Security and so on. (28%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (0%)


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