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Sensing the World Challenge -- Have You Connected Your Azure Sphere Board to the Cloud?

element14 is running an IoT-focused Design Challenge called Sensing the World Challenge


We are doing this special Design Challenge in partnership with Avnet


For this Design Challenge, the challengers were given an Azure Sphere starter kit. 


The challenged is rolled out in two phases:


Phase 1: Get Connected: get your kit connected to the cloud to send data

Phase 2: Sensing the World: use the kit in a real-world application by building a cool project


Challengers are eligible for some great prizes. To get them you have to connect your board to the cloud first.



Phase 1 Prizes - There will be 50 winners selected in total, who will receive gift cards worth the equivalent of $200 USD in their local currency. To be eligible for this prize, you must connect your kit to the cloud and send data once per day for 15 consecutive days, as detailed above. Phase 1 ends September 30th 2019, so get started with Phase 1 as soon as you receive your kit!


The 50 winners will be selected after the October 27th, 2019 close of the design challenge. These winners will be selected randomly from among those who have completed the Phase 1 requirement. You may choose to compete in this challenge and only complete Phase 1, but since the prizes available for Phase 2 are much more exciting we strongly suggest you compete in both! To be eligible for Phase 2 prizes you must have also completed Phase 1.


Phase 2 Prizes - The prizes for Phase 2 are based on the project you build using the Azure Sphere kit. For Phase 2 there will be 10 runner-up prizes and 3 grand prizes. To be eligible for either a runner-up or grand prize you must have completed the Phase 1 requirements.


Each Runner-Up or Grand Prize winner can choose one (1) of the following prize bundles. The availability of the products might depend on your country, so we will work with you to be sure you get an equivalent bundle.



10 Runner-Up PrizesXbox One X, Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox One Stereo Headset, Surface Go Tablet (128GB HD Intel 4415Y 8GB Ram), Surface Keyboard, Surface Mouse OR
Surface Laptop 2 (256GB HD Intel i7 8GB RAM), Surface Mouse, Surface Pen
3 Grand PrizesHoloLens 2 (these are currently only for pre-order, we cannot guarantee they will be available at the close of the challenge for purchase) OR
Surface Book 2 (15” 512GB HD Intel i7 16GB RAM), Surface Mouse, Surface Pen, Xbox One X, Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox One Stereo Headset OR
Surface Studio (1TB HD Intel i7 12GB RAM)


Poll Question:


Are you a challenger fin the Sensing the World Challenge? If so, have you connected your Azure Sphere to the cloud? If not, why not?

Poll Results
  • Yes (69%)
  • I'm trying to but having some difficulty. Explain in comments (5%)
  • Not yet. I have not received my Azure Sphere board. But I will (18%)
  • No. I'm busy at work (3%)
  • No. I'm busy at school. (0%)
  • Other reason; explain in comments. (5%)


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