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Sensing the World: What's Keeping You from Connecting?

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Hello element14! Since our Sensing the World Design Challenge has so many participants from all over the globe, we would like to know more about your experiences with the challenge thus far.


Specifically, we would like feedback about joining the challenge. In one of our standard Design Challenges, we observe our challengers as they blog all the way through the competition, so when issues arise we're well aware. But for Sensing the World, the setup is unique, and most of our feedback thus far has come from our challenge heatmap, as we've watched more and more members connecting their Azure Sphere kits.


So, please see the options below and help us understand your experience of the challenge! Please also feel free to elaborate in the comments section; we want your thoughts on this challenge.

Poll Results
  • I tried to obtain an Azure Sphere kit but could not (49%)
  • I have a kit, but I've had problems connecting it (4%)
  • I have my kit and have connected, but lost interest (0%)
  • I have my kit and have been connecting, but I won't be building a project (6%)
  • I have my kit, have been connecting it, and will build a project (41%)
  • I have my kit, but I'm using it for another reason (1%)


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