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Most underrated technology/thing till date ?

I was having a thought on electric vehicles - that these should have been fully evolved till now, considering all the pollution, consumption of fossil fuel. So, what's the problem?


Then I realized it will effect economy of country, fuel is one of the most efficient sources of money collection for government. Also it will effect many establishments. I might be wrong, what you think?


So, choose - what technology you think should have been in our life ages ago & should have been common among all of us to this day - Your thoughts?


Technology which might have changed the way we live now. Which technology you think would have great impact how we live now?. - Your thoughts?

Tell me:
- Are we really late or on time for all of the technology mentioned below?
- Why are we so late? Can think of any reason?




Which technology is not even developed yet?

Expecting, thoughts of everyone here, please comment even silly one's like this silly poll will be appreciated..
    - mudz

Poll Results
  • Electric Vehicles (15%)

  • Drones - Including regular use to distribute like couriers or flying transport (5%)

  • Memristor - just found out, the 4th component.. (5%)

  • IOT (5%)

  • AI, Machine Learning & Robots - like sonny in I, robot (0%)

  • Space vehicles - Think of Star wars (10%)

  • Solar Energy (20%)

  • both a and b (0%)
  • All of the above (25%)
  • Other - Leave a comment (15%)


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