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Why green energy sources Still on hold?

Continuing this poll : Most underrated technology/thing till date ?  If you haven't voted there, kindly vote and comment on that poll and this as well, your comments will enlighten us.


Many in comments agreed on - Big giants already have patents of the technology of future and waiting for right time to implement at large scale with full force. Now, question rises is when is the "RIGHT TIME"?

Kindly vote and comment below

Poll Results
  • They are secretly Funding and Researching it, We will be seeing it boom soon, in coming 10 years? (0%)
  • Waiting for Pollution rise and most will push when govt. starts banning fossil fuel (39%)
  • Not enough research on this area yet, not seeing this happening in coming 20-25 years (17%)
  • This is the next thing to come as giants are waiting for IoT, ML, AI things to mature? (0%)
  • Waiting for a push like free energy thing, or solar efficiency reaches near 80% (6%)
  • I don't know I just like my beer.. (11%)
  • Other, comment below !! (28%)


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