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Webinar Poll:  What Programming Language Do You Like to Use?

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Poll Results
  • C++  - You prefer this type of programming because it is a mature programming language that allows interaction with low level hardware, allowing real time performance! (10%)
  • C -  You enjoy the purity of C without the Object-Oriented Programming, Exception Handling and the rich C++ Library. (21%)
  • MATLAB - you enjoy using this to analyze data, produce advanced graphs or implement control systems, (2%)
  • Python - Its good enough for Pi and like Java its an interpretive language so you don't need to see everything that is going on under the hood! (19%)
  • Arduino - You love the ease and simplicity of Arduino and its way of making electronics accessible to all! (14%)
  • Hardware Description Languages (HDL) -  You love FPGA and enjoy having the ability to develop electronics without having to produce a silicon chip! (3%)
  • Assembly -  you enjoy programming at the lowest level,  1s and 0s! (2%)
  • C#/.NET - You prefer to do most of your programming using Microsoft's proprietary language which everyone will use once Microsoft takes over everything in 10 years! (3%)
  • Java - You prefer Java because it just works and is a lot easier to program than using C! (10%)
  • Swift - you love something that is general-purpose, open-source, and a compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. (0%)
  • SQL - You love to execute queries, retrieve data, insert records, update records, delete records, create new databases, create new tables, create stored procedures, create views, and set permissions. (0%)
  • Fortran - If its good enough for astrophysical modeling of stars and galaxies then its good enough for me. (0%)
  • Rust - You enjoy C++ but love that this was developed to be more memory safe than C++ during runtime! (0%)
  • Ruby - You love an open source and dynamic language that is focused on simplicity and productivity with fewer lines of code! (0%)
  • PHP - You enjoy generating dynamic pages, collecting data from forms, sending and receiving website and/or browsing cookies, encrypting data, etc! (2%)
  • Javascript - You love something flexible, powerful, and used everywhere from web, mobile, server, and even IoT! (9%)
  • R - You love data mining and appreciate a wide a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques! (0%)
  • Erlang -  You love having the ability to use immutable data structures as well as functional programming with pattern matching support! (0%)
  • RPG - You love IBM and getting down to business with a high level programming language. (0%)
  • Other - Let Us Know in the Comments Below! (5%)


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