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Webinar Poll: Which LPWAN (Low-Power Wide Area Network) Interests You and Why?

On November 6th, 2019 at 10 AM CT //  3PM GMT: Join us as to learn more about cellular IoT Prototyping with we host a webinar with Bjørn Kvaale, Applications Engineer, Nordic Semiconductor:



In response to IoT-specific LPWANs such as Sigfox and Cycleo (Semtec) 3GPP started standardizing and popularizing LTE-Cat M1 and NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) as cellular LPWANs that operate mostly within licensed bands. Cellular IoT is becoming increasingly popular for IoT systems that for almost a decade would’ve been designed as non-cellular LPWANs.


With 5G poised to shake up the entire LPWAN landscape with its promise of low-latency, low-power, and high data transfer rates, 3GPP is considering allowing 5G technologies to operate unlicensed band (specifically, 3.5 GHz, 5 GHz, and 60 GHz) to further encroach upon non-cellular LPWANs. However, much still remains to be seen. LoRaWAN emerged half a decade ahead of 5G ecosystem and has the greatest variety and quantity of sensors and end to end solutions available today, with deployments in more than 140 countries worldwide.


What LPWAN Interests You the Most and Why? 


Vote and let us know why in the comments below!

Poll Results
  • Sigfox - it consumes a low amount of power, works well for simple devices that transmit infrequently and because it sends very small amounts of data very slowly. It also supports a wide coverage area in the areas where it is located. (5%)

  • LoRa - it's got the jump on cellular with the greatest variety and quantity of sensors available today (43%)

  • NB-IoT - Great if you only need to transfer small amounts of information such as with a soil sensor used for smart agriculture or an energy usage monitor used in a smart city. (5%)

  • LTE-M -  Great for roaming applications such as vehicles and drones and in “mission-critical” applications where real-time data transfer makes a difference, such as in self-driving cars or emergency devices in smart cities. (11%)

  • Weightless - the only open standard solution operating in unlicensed spectrum. This allows each company to set up its own Weightless network or to contact an operator who can provide access to the network. (7%)

  • Not Sure - Each will mature so its too early to tell which technology you are more interested in. (5%)

  • They All Interest You - They address different needs and will develop their own niches!! (9%)

  • Not Interested - LPWAN is not something you are are interested in.  Let us know why the comments below! (0%)

  • Undecided - Don't know enough about the options to pick a preference! (14%)

  • Something Else - Let us know what other Low Power Wide Area Network interests you more in the comments below! (2%)


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