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Poll: What is Your Leading IoT Prediction for 2020?

IoT is in a steady growth curve and 2020 should see that trend to continue. But growth statistics don't always describe what's going on in the IoT industry. 5G is hot and so is edge computing. But how can an engineer quantify those trends to help him/her guide career decisions? How do businesses know what and how much to invest into IoT? I've listed below a few IoT predictions for 2020. Vote of them or offer your leading predication in the comments section.

Poll Results
  • The retail industry will see the most growth in IoT projects. (14%)
  • The IoT skills shortage will be the leading barrier to new IoT projects, stagnating the industry's growth. (10%)
  • IoT security especially at the edge will continue to plague the industry with no easy solution in sight. (37%)
  • Information technology and operational technology will see greater convergence in 2020 causing more investment in industrial IoT projects and Industry 4.0 implementations. (24%)
  • Drones will increasingly be used in the construction industry to increase safety and decrease costs. (10%)
  • Other leading predictions; please enter in the comments section. (4%)


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