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Poll Are You Interested in Learning About Automotive Ethernet?

Defined by the OPEN Alliance SIG, Automotive Ethernet, or IEEE 802.3bw (formerly BroadR-Reach), is an Ethernet physical layer standard designed for automotive connectivity applications, such as advanced safety features, comfort and infotainment features.


Automotive Ethernet enables multiple in-vehicle systems to simultaneously access information over an unshielded single twisted pair cable. The benefits for automotive manufacturers include reduced connectivity costs and cabling weight, with greater signal bandwidth.


To achieve greater signal bandwidth, Automotive Ethernet utilizes a full-duplex communication link over a twisted pair cable with simultaneous transmit and receive capabilities with PAM3 signaling. Full-duplex communication with PAM3 signaling can make visualization of Automotive Ethernet traffic and signal integrity testing very complex.


Poll Question: Are you interested in learning more about automotive Ethernet?

Poll Results
  • Yes (94%)
  • No (3%)
  • Yes since I am working on an automotive application that is using Automotive Ethernet (0%)
  • I'm a hobbyist and don't have a need to know (0%)
  • I have no interest in cars or the innovation going on in the automotive space (0%)
  • I came to element14 because of my interest in the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone only (0%)
  • Other; please explain in comments (3%)


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