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This poll ended on Mar 7, 2020.

Project14 | Poll to Decide the March 20' Competition

Last Month, You Decided on Photonics for February!


Help Decide the March Competition!

Poll Results
  • Electronic Art - Use free form circuitry to create circuit sculptures that interact with your surroundings.  Or use a board of your choice such as a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, or a micro:bit to create something beautiful. (25%)

  • Restoration & Repair - Restore or repair electronic equipment, it could be an old bakelite vacuum tube radio, vintage test equipment, or any other electronic equipment that needs some love to work again. The restoration could include fixing not just the electronics but also the chassis or aesthetics. (30%)

  • Proving Science - Build a science apparatus, a measuring device or a project that demonstrates a principle of science. Examples could be: an amplifier that can detect action potentials of neurons, a project that shows different properties of waves such as reflection, refraction or wave interference, or an instrument to measure different physical quantities such as mass, temperature, time, etc. (21%)

  • Mesh Network -  Implement a Mesh network using a device such as the Particle WiFi Mesh Kit, Cypress CYBT-213043-MESH EZ-BT kit ,  or Raspberry Pi or even repurposed and old WiFi Router. related product. This could be for an irrigation system, environmental monitoring, Security and so on (24%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (0%)


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