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This poll ended on Feb 11, 2020.

Vote for Our 2019 Member of the Year!


The element14 Community celebrated its 10th birthday in 2019, so it feels especially meaningful to consider the amazing contributions of our members in the past year. Our members are the reason the community exists, grows, and thrives; we on the team are a key part of things, but if you folks weren't visiting, contributing, and creating, we wouldn't have anything to show for our hard work! And with over 700,000 members, narrowing them down to the best of the year is always a challenge, but it's one we feel is important.


And now, our 2019 Member of the Year nominees! Below are just some of their contributions to the community in 2019, because frankly they did so much we probably don't have room to document it all, and this doesn't even consider the tremendous amount of support and encouragement they provide to their fellow members in their comments.


Cast your vote for our 2019 Member of the Year below!


Shabaz Yousaf

PlanetCatcher: Building a World-Band Radio Receiver

Creating your own Handheld Electronic Games – Pocket Nim

DAQ970A Data Acquisition System + Accessories - Review

Building an LCR Meter

Dubbie Dubbie

My Holiday Special 19 Message Box

Makevember : Wire Frame Christmas Trees

LDR Camera #8 : Fully Working Camera

SuperRobot #5 : The End!

Jan Cumps

Renesas RX65N MCU EV Kit - Review

Arduino MKR GSM and SemTech LoRa Example: LoRa Message to SMS

Harting MICA Complete IIoT Starter Kit - Review

Manage Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 Battery Life in the Cloud - AWS, Graphs and Alerts

BB-AI/Sphere (Clem)

Faraday demonstrates electromagnetism

Why passwords are important...

Maix Bit Risc V

Some Thoughts about BB-AI

Frank Milburn

Xut: The Animatronic Penguin, Part 2

A Beginning Journey in TensorFlow #1:  Regression

RoadTest the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2GB) - Review

the Rainbow Ukulele

Poll Results
  • shabaz (42%)

  • dubbie (16%)

  • jancumps (18%)

  • clem57 (13%)

  • fmilburn (11%)



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