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Poll: How is Blockchain Technology Doing Today?

Element14 is wrapping up its first blockchain-focused roadtest. I must say it was a bit of a challenge, but we got through it and had a fantastic discussion about not only the roadtest, but also the technology as well:Poll: Blockchain is Hot, but I Haven't Gotten Much Interest in the BlockChain Kit Roadtest. Any Ideas Why? 


So, I thought it would be a good time to talk more about blockchain technology. Blockchain is expected to be used widely and broadly-- well beyond the cryptocurrency market that "coined" blockchain as part of our work vocabulary.


But how is blockchain technology doing today? Are you using or developing with it? Or is it something along the lines of a work-in-progress for you at the present moment.


How far along is the technology adoption of blockchain?


Please vote in the poll below or offer a comment.

Poll Results
  • Blockchain is only in the innovator phrase and has a long way to go. (4%)
  • Blockchain is in the early adopter phase, but is only being used by a narrow segment. (22%)
  • Blockchain is in the early majority phase. It's growing but still focused around a narrow segment like financials. (4%)
  • Blockchain is in the late majority phase. It's here and gaining wide interest and growing application (7%)
  • Blockchain is just getting going and not even in the early adopter phase (4%)
  • Blockchain is really only being used by the cryptocurrency market, everyone else is trying to figure out how to use it. (26%)
  • Blockchain is more hype than reality at the present moment (26%)
  • Blockchain is one of the most important leading trends of technology and AI today. (4%)
  • Other; please explain in comments (4%)


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