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Project14 | Poll to Decide the April 20' Competition

Last Month, You Decided on Restoration & Repair for March!


Help Decide the April Competition!

Poll Results
  • Pocket Game Unit - In the 80's there were some great handheld LCD games like space invaders, then a multitude of small LCD games, card games etc.  The standard 'Simon' game with four sounds and colours to follow? A dice based game? Anything battery powered and playable - even if it would get a few odd looks on the train. (20%)

  • Electronic Art - Use free form circuitry to create circuit sculptures that interact with your surroundings.  Or use a board of your choice such as a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, or a micro:bit to create something beautiful. (20%)

  • CPU Math - CPU solutions to mathematics problems such as lissajous figures and controlling servos for laser shows.  Mathematics of musical notes and polyphonics.  Simple PID algorythms for motor control.  POV devices. (7%)

  • Hardware Hacking - Any projects involving reverse engineering, modding, adding digital to analog hardware, sniffing busses, modifying firmwares, etc. (49%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (4%)


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