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Project14 | Poll to Decide the May 20' Competition

The Theme for April (Hardware Hacking) Has Been Postponed Until May.  

Fighting Germs Will Take Its Place and Is Immediately Open for Projects!

Poll Results
  • DIY Kitchen - Anything involving kitchen gadgets & appliances, probably based around a controlling PC, Arduino, RPi, PLC etc.  You could have gadgets undertake several steps of a cooking process, like the old 'tea maid' or a bread maker.  You could CNC fruits and veggies,  laser engraving of cake decorations,  and of course 3D printing of food. (24%)

  • Fighting Germs - Build something that helps fight or prevent the spread of germs.  The idea being it would be affordable in terms of the component availability/resources so that others with similar resources could replicate them to help a few friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Could be something that helps in the medium term while people, especially older folk, are in isolation. And finally looking much further ahead, helps prevent the spread of germs. (24%)

  • Electronic Art - Use free form circuitry to create circuit sculptures that interact with your surroundings.  Or use a board of your choice such as a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, or a micro:bit to create something beautiful. (29%)

  • CPU Math - CPU solutions to mathematics problems such as lissajous figures and controlling servos for laser shows.  Mathematics of musical notes and polyphonics.  Simple PID algorythms for motor control.  POV devices. (15%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (7%)


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