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How do you plan out your electronics?

I realise that I perhaps don't prototype how I should. Often some of the components are plug and play, or I just rebuild the circuit every time with a breadboard, but with my larger projects I've realised that I do need to document them in some manner else when I have to rip them apart and come back to them... I'm not sure how it went together, so what do you do?


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Poll Results
  • I draw a proper electronics diagram (45%)
  • I use fritzing, it's great (10%)
  • Prototyping? I go straight to CAD/Simulation and design the PCB! (12%)
  • I note down the reference on breadboard, and draw diagrams (8%)
  • I wing it, every time, I may not mean to... (20%)
  • Once it's on the breadboard, it's always on the breadboard (2%)
  • Once it's soldered, it's never going to move again! (2%)


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