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Project14 | Poll to Decide the August 20' Competition

Proving Science is the Theme for July!


Help Decide the August Competition!

Poll Results
  • Cool Kitchen Gadget -It could be an appliance hack or a new gadget.  It could be a food or drink dispenser, including pet meals.  All sorts of kitchen processes could be automated or electronically measured and monitored. (11%)

  • Automobile hacks -Use an IR sensor for backup assistance. Install a backup camera that allows for rotation left and right Make a garage precision parking system Using a camera/machine vision to detect lane lines and alert on inadvertent lane change (hint, tie into the blinker circuit) (14%)

  • Control systems -Control systems are used everywhere, in ovens, antiblocking brake systems, drones stabilization, segway stabilization, etc. Many systems would not be able to operate at all if they didn't implement a control system. Control systems continuously compare the feedback signal to the provided setpoint to compute the error and accordingly change the system input in order to reach the set point. The math required to create a control system can be from very simple on-off controllers, to PID control, to model predictive control to all kind of exotic algorithms, still the controller task is the same, reach the setpoint quick without overshooting. (41%)

  • Renewable Planet - projects that help plants , flowers, animals, grow better and healthier.  It could be anything related to horticulture or involve renewable energy such as solar/sunshine. (32%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (2%)


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