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VR - great or gimmick?

I was recently involved in a project that involved a little bit of VR. Mainly looking at a few headsets to see which might be suitable for another company to build some VR stuff for us. Last week I got to have a quick go of Half Life Alyx on a Valve Index. It was very impressive! Considering I'm not really a gamer, it really grabbed my attention. Now I find myself sort of tempted to get one. If I do then it'll definitely be a Vale Index despite the lead time. It was better than the really high end Varjo one that cost 10x the price.


Unfortunately, I'll be leaving the company soon so won't be able to try it out any further for myself. A question for those of you who might have bought a VR headset. Do you still find it useful / interesting or is it the sort of thing where the gimmick soon wears off?

Poll Results
  • Great - an amazing tool (33%)
  • Gimmick - you'll get bored of it (39%)
  • Other (28%)


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