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Project14 | Poll to Decide the November 20' Competition

Recycle & Retrofit is the Theme for September!


Next month, the theme will be Recycle & Retrofit.  Old radios and game consoles first come to mind but can involve taking any unused appliance and upcycling it using electronics of your choice!


This ties in nicely with the three part workshop with Enrico on Vintage Upcycling so be sure to follow along along and submit your Upcycling ideas for a chance to win a Raspberry Pi or Arduino:



Help Decide the November Competition!

Poll Results
  • Data Conversion - Projects could explore either A-D or D-A techniques, or improve them in terms of increasing speed, resolution, linearity, reduction of noise or filtering of the analog signal. (24%)

  • CPU Math - CPU solutions to mathematics problems such as lissajous figures and controlling servos for laser shows.  Mathematics of musical notes and polyphonics.  Simple PID algorythms for motor control.  POV devices. (5%)

  • Making Time - anything that uses or alters timing such as egg times, photographic times, clocks, calendars, delay lines, stop action photography.  For example, make a clock using a micro controller, Servos, LED's or whatever you can come up with. (52%)

  • Creative Hacks - Projects that demonstrate a creative solution to improve an artistic process or solves a design limitation.  For example, hack and automate an artistic process or make it easy.   OR, projects which shows code optimization, fitting to small memory/flash footprint etc. or similar real life problems. (19%)

  • Your Idea - Use the comments below to let us know! (0%)


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