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Poll: Seeking Your Interest in Sound Classification and Vision Object Detection WorkShop

I was speaking with a supplier who may be interested in conducting an AI workshop on Sound Classification and Vision Object Detection. This workshop sparked my interest because it combines two senses, which I found unique. But you tell me. I have pasted below the working draft of this workshop. Id like to know if it captures your interest and to what degree. If you have any other ideas or "tweaks" to the proposal, feel free to post a comment below. Thanks.


Title: Does Your Application Need Better Eyes and Ears?



Today’s products are becoming more sophisticated as they better understand the world around them. The technology making this possible is AI leveraging neural networks. Today, these networks are being used for a wider variety of tasks and do not require cloud resources. Xilinx MPSoCs make this possible by more efficiently processing these networks at the edge while offering standard Linux software (Ubuntu) and popular AI framework environments (Keras) that AI and embedded developers are familiar with.


Product teams are also discovering that the use of these networks, that process different types of sensor data such as microphones and cameras, can take on more sophisticated tasks and produce more reliable results. This workshop brings together a confluence of vision and sound AI models that when used together enable more intelligent products making better application decisions. More specifically, this workshop will take you through the network development flow for sound classification (detecting certain sounds) and vision object detection and walking you through our reference design that has sound and vision sensors sharing meta data that enable a higher level application to leverage certain events it sees and hears.


What you will learn:

• What makes the Xilinx MPSoC unique regarding neural network processing at the edge

• How to use Aaware Sonus AI to tune sound classification models (how to retrain models with additional environmental background noise)

• How to use Aaware sound classification models together with Xilinx Model Zoo vision models

• How to access the Aaware sound and Xilinx vision model APIs to build higher level AI based applications at the edge


Target markets:

• Security & Surveillance

• Robotics

• Conferencing

• Kiosks

Poll Results
  • I'm highly interested in this workshop. I will attend! (43%)
  • I'm very interested in this workshop. (24%)
  • I'm interested in this workshop. (14%)
  • I'm somewhat Interested in this workshop. (10%)
  • I'm not interested in this workshop. (10%)
  • I have a comment. (0%)


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