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What is your favorite name for an expansion card?

In the past extra cards in a system had generic names with functional qualifiers like serial interface daughter card, and they might have a further qualifier to identify the system.

More recently manufacturers seem to be coining unique terminology for expansion cards specific to their products. It is difficult to know and remember which terminology applies to each product and there are so many products that choosing descriptive terminology is becoming less intuitive. At some point the terms will become just names with no related meaning.

Then there are many, many busses and connector standards that serve a similar purpose, such as USB, Qwiic, MikroBUS, Grove, Pmod, UNO, CanBus, LinBus, FireWire, Thunderbolt etc. etc.

Obviously a unique expansion card term like "shield" helps identify what the card can connect to, but it also opens up the possibility of being wrong and misleading.

This poll asks which of the listed terms is your favorite and most appropriate term to describe a daughter card.

In the comments I would also like to know if you like having unique terms for all these classes of expansion card.

This poll is one way for me to reinforce my knowledge of the newer expansion card naming conventions.

Poll Results
  • Expansion Card / Expansion Board - generic (20%)
  • Daughterboard / Daughter Card - generic (40%)
  • Mezzanine Card - generic (5%)
  • Piggyback Board - generic (5%)
  • Peripheral Interface Card / Interface Card - generic (5%)
  • Add-on Card - generic (0%)
  • I/O Module - generic (0%)
  • Shield - Arduino (10%)
  • Hat - Raspberry Pi (0%)
  • Cape - Beagleboard (5%)
  • PCI - PC (0%)
  • Other - what did I forget? (10%)


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