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How Motivating Is Swag?

There have been polls in the past to find out what items members preferred to receive as swag, but I am curious to know how it affects participation.

I assume everyone likes to receive free swag, but how does it affect participation? Do you post a blog note when you receive swag?

If swag was often given to each participant in a Project14 or specified in specific Project14 contests, would you be more likely to participate?

I know I sometimes do a project on a Project14 topic, but my project is not very impressive, so I may or may not go to the trouble of blogging about it. Clearly these projects aren't aimed at winning the contest, but are probably still of some interest. If there was some swag up for grabs it might tip the scales towards blogging about some marginal projects.

If there was a possibility of swag for blogging about a project that is not part of any contest, does it increase the likelihood that you would blog about more independent projects?

How could the impact of swag be increased?

By the way, in case it isn't clear, swag in this context means free handout promotional items supplied by element14.

Poll Results
  • I like swag and I increase my participation to encourage more swag to be handed out. (22%)
  • Swag doesn't do anything for me, I participate for other reasons. (3%)
  • Swag rewards would increase my participation in Project14 contests. (9%)
  • Swag rewards would increase my blogging about my own (non-contest) projects. (12%)
  • It would take a lot of expensive swag to motivate me to increase participation. (9%)
  • I see swag as a pleasant surprise more than as a motivator (38%)
  • Other - please explain below (6%)


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