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Review of Arduino Due


Product Performed to Expectations: 10
Specifications were sufficient to design with: 10
Demo Software was of good quality: 10
Product was easy to use: 10
Support materials were available: 10
The price to performance ratio was good: 9
TotalScore: 59 / 60
  • RoadTest: Arduino Due
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  • Evaluation Type: Independent Products
  • Was everything in the box required?: Yes
  • Comparable Products/Other parts you considered: I thought about requesting the projection kit. If I can find a way to implement it into the Arduino Due, then I will be able to make one outstanding interactive projection! Note that this is in theory stage and I will post a video once it's been done. Also, the main reason I tried to request this product, I'd like to create an eye. See article!
  • What were the biggest problems encountered?: Human Error

  • Detailed Review:

    I am the new guy when it comes to tech. I got this in the mail and my first reaction was thinking it was a bomb. Ha, I'm a noob. I am honored to receive it!

    I opened it up and it comes in a nice tidy little box. Out of the box, it's very well put together and there are no loose ends. I have not used it in any projects yet, but I have figured out how to control certain things with it, such as LEDs, and hope to do much in the future. I give the quality of this product an A+!

    Another thing, the coding software for this, as far as I can tell, is top of the line! You had might as well be using the webcoder dreamweaver!


    The software available to use with the Arduino Due is very nice. As mentioned above it looks sightly, and has many features available to utilize as a coder. Some of these include highlighting functions, variables, integers and more in different designated colors. This may not have a lot of relevancy to the actual product, but as a new-timer to anything with a motherboard it is very useful to have a user-friendly UI.


    If you make a mistake in the program, such as putting "void myFunction () { delay(1000); }", then it will correct any errors you may have had the closest as it can manage. Even if you've just said something like "dlay" instead of delay. Very nice indeed.


    Thank you Element14 for putting your trust in a 17 year old guy.


    EDIT: I didn't realize I was only giving 5 stars to performance. Using the guide on it worked perfectly and flawlessly! Only flaws were human errors!


    Now since writing this review I have made many steps toward bettering myself in the techy world (yeah, I still use that term!). For instance: I am working on several projects including the Arduino Due to achieve an official product for sales. No specifics yet, but let's just say that adrennalinpro isn't just a random name.


    One project I would like to try out is an invention of mine that is still in concept stage. I want to use the projection kit available on elements14 to create a sort of eye. Basically, it has an IR reader inside the retina. If I can find a way to utilize this feature then I can translate what it sees to actually do things like processing color and reacting in ways that no other product does. This would include but not be limited to avoiding heat if attached to a robot, following a certain color, solving a puzzle, exiting a maze, and much more. These are just test examples that I will use. Real uses could span from hotspots in wifi (where does the real strength lay), perhaps a lock deactivated via heat, amongst many others. Really, the sky's the limit. Got ideas? Post em below!


    The only thing I have a problem with is the pricing. As a young mechanic, I can't afford much. Getting the Arduino Due by chance was a miracle. I've never been chosen on purpose for anything, and I really hope that I can provide for what elements14 was wanting out of me. I am really appreciative to this site not only for providing me the means to kickstart my way to greater projects, but also for helping the community so much by providing a service for both developers and consumers. Thank you elements14! I hope I don't let you down!



    NOTE: I am going to make a video once I have SOMETHING working with the controller. I am going to try my hand at utilizing lights and whatnot, and hopefully I can figure out how to implement a touch screen to work with this. I've got a display from a relatively new printer (hp) and am wondering if it can be hooked up to something like the Arduino Due to be used as an input controller. Thanks in advance!


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